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Does your organization need new uniforms, equipment, transportation, or trip money?!?!



If you have 50 sellers who sell 20 items (at an average of $10.00 each):

Gross = $10,000 Your Share = 40%

That’s $4,000.00 TO YOU!

OR.....What if you did just 1/2 of that?

Our candles supplier has a strong fundraising program that has and is currently helping many organizations raise the extra cash they need for special incidentals.

They have a QUALITY product backed by years of experience and a second-to-none, professional staff working on YOUR behalf!

A VARIETY of programs that will fit any season of selling. Our current mix includes the “Holiday Gift Shop” for fall and winter, and our most popular all-occassions "Candle Gift Shop" brochure!

Now 2 NEW fundraisers featuring our "PURE LIGHTS" Soy Line!!

You even have the option to have your orders sorted by seller and delivered to your door!


Let us light your way in generating Cash Flow for YOUR organization.

Also be sure to ask about our profitable and easy SELL-OUT KIT fundraiser!

To view Fundraising items, please select one of the subcategories from the list below:

Candle Gift Shop

Grandmas Kitchen
Holiday Gift Shop
Holiday Gift Shop
Natures Gift Shop
Natures Gift Shop

Sell-Out Kit

Spirit Fundraising


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