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Majestic Glow

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Majestic Glow with Wood Lid 16 oz. Jar
Perhaps the most popular jar, this 16oz. Doubles as a candy or trinket jar when the candle is gone! Features solid maple-wood lid top. Approximate burn 120 hours.

Although a wood lid is included, you may choose a laser engraved wood lid for an extra charge.
Laser Engraved Lid:
Qty: Item #: 405

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Majestic Glow 26 oz. Glass Jar
26 ounces of Wonderful Scent! Approximate burn 160 hours.
Price: $ 26.95
Qty: Item #: 404

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Majestic Glow Collection
Hundreds of different small, colored wax �gumdrops� are custom-made with exclusive materials, then placed in round molds and jars with a wick down the center. Finally a premium, heavenly scented wax is poured around the gumdrops to complete the candle. Because of multiple colored waxes, as the candle burns, it �majestically glows�!

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Majestic Glow 12 oz. Glass Jar
12 oz. Square Apothecary Jar. Approximate burn 80 hours.
Price: $ 14.95
Qty: Item #: 403

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