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Dish Whisk
We handform these wonderful smelling, grease-cutting soap disks and package them with a sturdy, old fashioned dish whisk. When you're loading the dishwasher or scrubbing pots and pans, you simply soap up the brush and apply a little elbow grease. Voila! Squeaky clean dishes. Pure lime essential oil is known for its natural anti-bacterial properties, and it smells just wonderful. Another plain and simple cleaning tool to shake up your routine.
Dish Wisk:

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Farmhouse Liquid Dish Soap
Our new liquid dish soap does double duty. It is an all natural, plant based cleanser that contains non of the harsh and toxic chemicals of the mass-market brands. So, it is very safe to use.

The second duty is aromatherapeutic. It smells absolutely lovely and is fragranced with pure lavender (relaxing) and lemon (invigorating) essential oils. So you'll be dozing and dancing while you do the dishes!
17.8 ounces
Price: $ 6.50

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