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Handcrafted soaps, salves, bodycare, fragrant and natural Homecare products
We are pleased to offer handcrafted soaps, salves, and bodycare products using nature's pantry of natural products~pure essential oils for fragrance, crushed herbs for color; food grade olive and coconut oils, and pure beeswax. Our products are highly effective for moisturizing, soothing, and helping overworked skin.

We've also raided nature's pantry to create fragrant and natural Homecare products. Take a look. Our formulas are effective and pleasant to use. We believe in Housejoy not Housework.

Unlike commercial soaps, which use synthetic ingredients in uncaring, high volume processes, these soaps are composed of creative mixtures of high quality vegetable oils, fresh NH spring water, pure essential oils, herbs, and nutrients. The soaps are set to age for 28 days and then handcut into individual bars~skin care gems that contain loads of natural glycerin, and wonderful fragrance. The process is lengthy and we feel like we get to know each bar personally. Each hefty 4 ounce bar last along time and will change your washing experience. Try one or two.

Our bodycare products provide relief for you, whether you have hands that hurt because of cracks, cuts and dry skin, or your muscles ache from too much gardening. We have created formulas based on age-old herbal wisdom, putting the amazing properties of essential oils and herbs, sea salts and beeswax, to work for you. Simple yet effective solutions to your skin care problems.


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All Natural Herbal Soaps from Louisiana Bayou Country
Practicing the generations-old craft of soapmaking using lye (sodium hydroxide) and pure water for saponification of the highest quality oils available, including olive, palm, coconut, jojoba, evening primrose, wheatgerm, avocado, and cocoa butter. The herbs and essential oils are carefully selected to soothe and care for you, body and soul. The results are rich, luxurious soaps that provide the nurturing benefits of the various ingredients while providing a mild, sensuous bathing experience. Using *all natural ingredients, no animal products except for honey, and grows some of the herbs on site. Every batch is hand mixed, hand poured, hand cut and hand packaged after curing for a minimum of four weeks.

I'm confident you will enjoy your selections and be surprised at how unlike my soap is to the store-bought detergent bars that we have used all of our lives. Be sure to take the time to appreciate the silkiness and rich lather of your soap in addition to any other qualities of that blend.

As a born and bred Louisiana country woman, you are raised to appreciate nature's bounty and the special properties inherent in her gifts. So, naturally choose blends and names for soaps that evoke thoughts of country life surrounded by moss draped cypress trees, winding bayous and rivers, mysterious swamps, and farms nestled amongst the rolling hills. Why do so many of these soaps have "food" names? Well, many of the ingredients that nourish our bodies from the inside can also nourish us from the outside. When a new blend is created, the name for it occurs to based on the ingredients, appearance or scent, which reminds of something from life here. Food is such a huge part of our culture here, so there is a natural tendency to go in that direction. Each blend reflects a part of the maker and her life, along with her interest in herbal healing.

All soaps are tested on family, not animals.

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