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Woods Potpourri Bath & Body Line
Your skin deserves to be pampered with gentle ingredients and beautiful scents. Not just when you're pampering yourself, but even during your daily routine. Treat yourself with nature’s moisture-rich oils and herbal extracts. We believe that providing adequate, natural moisture to your skin is an essential daily activity. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun! We're sure we have a scent (or ten) you'll fall in love with. Use our lotion, body mist and lip balm daily to keep your skin, hair and lips supple and fresh, and use our massage oil for extra-dry spots, or a special evening!

Who says getting clean has to be a boring, daily ritual? Why not tease your senses with scented treasures that cleanse without dryness OR monotony? Do you look forward to your bath or shower as one of your favorite parts of your day? You should! With yummy smelling options that span the gamut of shower and bath time, what's not to love about your special, skin-pampering time? No spouse, no kids, just you, warm water and gently scented products to cleanse and pamper your body with. If you're a bath purist you may choose to soothe and detoxify your body with mineral rich bath salts, or sooth and luxuriate in our foaming milk bath. Or, if the call of the massaging shower head is your style, you'll revel in our thick lathering shower gel or our completely customizable glycerin soap bars!

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