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Candle Scents & Colors

Aromatherapy Scents

  Calming Waters - Blend of woods such as cedar, patchouli, fir and sandalwood enhanced by hints of mint, Artemisia, lavender and nutmeg.
  Passion - Rose petals and sandalwood blend to enhance a romantic and passionate mood.
  Restful - Floral blend of lavender and rose with a dry down of cedar wood, sandalwood and musk.
  Revitalizing  - Fresh Citrus bouquet of bergamot and lime enhanced by rosemary and jasmine, fennel and mint on a woody dry down.
  Sensual -  A blend of exotic woods with hints of nutmeg and ylang.
  Soul Cleansing - A lavender blend and  lemongrass.
  Spiritual Awakening - Floral bouquet of ylang, jasmine, rose and carnation with hints of violet on a bed of exotic woods.

Coffee Scents

  Cappuccino Froth - Vanilla beans, coffee beans, and cocoa beans blended together.
  French Vanilla -  Vanilla beans and Tonka beans with a touch of butter and nuts.

Irish Crème -  Vanilla blended with fresh cream and a hint of liquor.

  Snickerdoodle -  Nutty caramel, chocolate, and vanilla that smells just like the snack bar!  
  Toasted Hazelnut Coffee -  Nostalgic hazelnut coffee blend with a long lasting buttery dry down.  
  Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee –  Rich bouquet of sweet vanilla and macadamia nuts in a coffee blend.

Candle Scents

Angel Wings  - Powdery bouquet of rose, jasmine and Hawthorne enhanced by French vanilla, musk and wood.
Hot Baked Pie - Aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven.
Banana Nut Bread - Fresh baked bread with banana slices, chopped nuts, and ginger.
Bayberry - Fir and clove on a lilac bouquet.
Blackberry Pie - Red fruit, green apples, and orange zests with the sweetness of blackberries.
Blueberry - Freshly picked blueberries straight from the garden.
Bluebonnet - A blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lilac with a light perfume undertone creates this nice floral fragrance.
China Rain - Soft floral bouquet of violet and rose with strong body of musk.
Choc. Chip Cookie Dough - Just like the real thing! A nice fresh batch of mama's cookie dough!
Christmas Cabernet – A holiday wine blended with strawberry and grape notes.
Christmas Cookie - French vanilla with butter, spices, and milk.
Christmas Splendor - Blend of woods spices, fruits, and flowers made to enhance the Christmas  spirit.
Christmas Tree - The smell of a freshly cut 8 foot pine! 
Cinnamon  - The aroma of the classic raw cinnamon.
Clove - Fresh ground clove buds.
Country Spice – Warm clove scent with orange zests, cinnamon powder and brown sugar with hints of other kitchen spices.
Drakkar Noir (Type) - French Fougere enhanced by lime, lavender, and jasmine, with hints of spruce and violet on a bed of moss.
Dreamsicle - Orange peels and lemon zests sweetened by shaved coconut and French vanilla.
English Ivy - Nice floral bouquet with hints of green on a musky bottom note.
Frankincense & Myrrh - Enchanting aromatic blend of balsam, spice, patchouli and sandalwood.
Gardenia - Fresh green floral bouquet of white flowers.
Jasmine - Very light jasmine bouquet.
Lavender - Lavender bouquet enhanced by clary sage, patchouli and rosemary.
Maple Pecan - Aroma of pecans with maple syrup on a background of vanilla.
Lime Cilantro - A clean refreshing citrus blend with slight hints of jasmine and a background of musk and woody notes.
Mulberry - Classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries, and bitter orange peels.
Natures Garden  - A cut grass top note followed by floral notes of jasmine, lilac, and rose.
Ocean Mist - Fresh blend of florals and medicinal notes underlined by fruits and woods.
Patchouli - The pungent aroma of the leaves.
Pine Forest - Woody, green pine odor of a freshly cut tree.
Plumeria - Fruity, floral blend with hints of green notes.
Pumpkin Pie Spice - All the aroma of this holiday favorite.
Sandalwood - Woody bouquet with touches of cedar wood, amber, cedar leaf and musk.
Sex on the Beach - Just like the drink!  A bouquet with fruity and floral notes along with spices and vanilla.
Splendor - Blend of woods spices, fruits, and flowers.
Strawberries & Cream - Fresh cut ripe strawberries topped with cool whipped cream.
Sugar Cookie - Sweet sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies.
Tropical Dream - A citrus bouquet of orange, lemon, tangerine with hints of rose and lily of the valley on a background of musk and spice.
Vanilla Crunch -  Scrumptious vanilla highlighted with sweet buttery crisps.
White Diamonds (Type) -  Designer fragrance that smells just like the popular women's fragrance.